June 2013


February 2013

#gotofje; typeface

Typeface inspired by Slovene protesters in winter 2012/2013.

October 2012

Context in the Contemporary Architecture

Grid-based exhibition catalogue.

October 2012

Tü mo. Slavic Settlement of Prekmurje; the exhibition

The exhibition designed to create a pleasant visitor’s experience.

October 2012

Tü mo. Slavic Settlement of Prekmurje; the catalogue

The catalogue as integral part of the exhibition Tü mo.

May 2012

Piranesi Magazine; Spring 2012, No. 30, Vol. 20

Redesign of Piranesi, the 1st Central-European Architectural Magazine for the Culture of the Environment.

December 2011

Rodin/Bourdelle/Emo Playing on the other side

Clean and straight forward catalogue accompanying the photo exhibition.

November 2011

RvO; Cloud Computing Company

The idea of data exchange presented as a double spiral.

June 2011

20th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence

The abstract form of Triglav in 20 zig-zag lines.

June 2011

Chamber of Insolvency Administrators of Slovenia

The identity based on the abstract form of Triglav.

November 2009

Zeleni E

Logotype for the ecology consulting company.

December 2008

The Fine Rain Harp

The CD cover and the booklet for a music project of Srečko Kosovel’s poems “Harfa drobnega dežja“.

July 2008

Container Architecture

This book contains 6441 containers.

June 2008

Enota; Corporate Identity

Corporate identity for the arhitectural office Enota.

June 2008

Let’s See the City Ljubljana

An illustrated guide with different walks to discover the architecture of the Slovene capital Ljubljana.

February 2007


Mobitel’s Mobile Digital Lab seems an outer space object.

May 2006

3land.info; Logotype for Online Magazine

French, swiss and german flag superpositioned as a single icon.

October 2005

Pinus: Company Profile