eternal architect

Designing Plečnik always begins with the question of the most famous Slovenian architect’s still perceptible charism, that creates omnipresent tensions between his worshipers and opponents. Let’s put it simply: he is an exceptional architect, whose creations impress and inspire, but a professional distance to his work needs to be maintained throughout the design process.

Noah Charney’s study explores Plečnik’s spiritual dimension. Author’s idea of an „eternal architect“ is presented through a monograph without quoting Plečnik’s literally, but with a vivid verticality, a yellow color, a humanist typeface of his era, a free rhythm of archive and actual photos.

The custom lettering for the cover is a contemporary interpretation of Plečnik’s guidelines for geometric letterforms he used to tagging the blueprints. It comes in Slovenian and English version and has two optical sizes: display for the cover and text for the spine of the book.

To reduce printing costs, monograph’s language versions are carefully planned from the very beginning. Four-color images are printed in full print run and the corresponding text layer in black is overprinted separately.