growth, vitality & escalating power

The obverse of the coin that marks a decade of the Slovenian tolar portrays ten asymmetrically arranged circles. The number of circles equals the number of years of the anniversary they mark. The composition spreads out of the inner and outer rims of the letter “O” in the word “tolar”, from which alternating and shifting circles extend.

The empty area on the right exposes the letter “R”, which substantively completes the copy Samostojna Slovenija (independent Slovenia), since it symbolizes the system (Democratic Republic) of government established upon the implementation of national currency. The reverse side of the coin follows the same compositional key, whereby the face value and the layout summarize the composition of circles on the obverse.

The primary shape of the circle allows various symbolic interpretations. Circles are a tree’s years of age and thus symbolize growth, vitality and rising power of the independent Slovene currency. They are the rippling surface of water in a well into which you throw a coin and make a wish.

The layering of circles one atop the other is also known from the familiar Slovene proverb “Tolar na tolar pogača…” (similar to “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves”), which speaks of the wise investment of the Slovene people into their national currency and orders the users of the new coins to spend cautiously.