Unmistakably recognizable in the simple form of the three peaks, Triglav is without competition the most characteristic Slovenian symbol. The simplicity of its abstract graphic form was again a challenge for the creative process.

For each year, one line, one Triglav. Twenty, therefore, compose the correct, geometrically growing pattern. Each next is slightly higher, each subsequent slightly bloder, up to the last – the twentieth, finishing orthogonally.

The linear pattern contains a significant spatial component; All edges are cut vertically and inclined, then gently lifted to the next in a row. Twenty layers are emphasized to make an attractive touch of the coins.

Above Triglav, the inscription Independent Slovenia in capitals is arched and the anniversaries are placed at most effective areas: between the peaks. Obverse sides are utilitarian. The currency, the issuer, the year are set in light, the nominal in bold type. All placed in a balanced, but dynamic composition.