first slovenian printed text

The first Slovenian printed text is typeset with the precision of the digital tool and the skill of the 16th century master, who handled the lead type the same way we do it today.

With the difference that his letters were on lead trunks, but the digital type lacks a third dimension. Both types share modularity, the fundamental principle of printing with movable letters.

Thin vertical boundaries between letters and thick banners between the lines draw the modules of a printing form. In its technological essence, the reproduction of text has not changed for five hundred years.

Only forms of letters have changed and developed. For this reason, the Gothic texture is boldly placed alongside a modern pixel font that rounds the importance of the event from the other end of the timeline.

From this perspective, we can conclude that with the event, the Slovene language was given a residence in the press, and – although it is only a handful of people who speak it globally – it has kept it in all forms of the press until today.