Aparat type&design is a practice founded in 2001 by a graphic designer Domen Fras, a graduated architect with a master degree in commmunication design, a passionate typographer, a wannabe typefacedesigner, currently an assistant professor. Between years 2002 and 2008 he closely collaborated with Maja B. Jančič, a witty illustrator, a writer and a marvelous person to brainstorm the projects. In year 2011 Malvina Lubec, a young graphic communication proffesional with a delicate sense for the type joined the team.

We put an effort into the dialogue between designers and clients, therefore we believe our client is the equal partner at the creative processes. By the time we accumulated knowledge, skills and experience to solve various design problems efficiently. As spotted, our work ranges from a coin to a wayfinding system, from a logotype to a visual identity, from a type to a book. Regardless the media and the scope of the task, our work is planned carefully and designed with a professional typographic approach.

You are welcome to browse our portfolio, share your thoughts and get in touch with us.